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The Ultimate Guide to Rebuilding a Civilization

'The Book' is a 400-page treasure trove that details the most significant mechanisms, processes, and materials ever created.

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The Book

The Ultimate Guide to Rebuilding a Civilization

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Vivid Handmade Illustrations

Key Human Inventions in One Book

Explore How Things Work

The 400-page edition describes the most significant and impressive mechanisms, processes and materials ever invented.


A practical health guide covering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, DIY appendix removal, and mushroom foraging. Learn essential skills for a collapsing world, including making gypsum, glue, and penicillin from scratch.

Basic Material

Unlock limitless possibilities in your world-as-a-chemistry-lab. Turn sand into glass, harness trees for diverse purposes, and become an electricity magician.


Innovation often springs from convenience. Mills, water pumps, and combustion engines do the work for you. Create lasting memories with cameras made from boxes and photosensitive paper.

Military Arts

Explore intriguing military techniques, including the trebuchet and gunpowder from hay and urine. Discover survival secrets with vivid illustrations and charts.

Hearth and home

Master ancestral skills like fire-making, log house construction, rug weaving, and crafting with clay. Learn knots, create natural dyes, and build top-notch mousetraps. Farming tips await in the next section.


Agriculture shaped us; learn about grain types, animal farming, fishing nets, and brewing the best wheat beer. Become the life of your post-apocalyptic party.


Prevent boredom with card games, chess, ball games, kites, and even making a phenakistiscope. Ever wondered how to build a vibrator? Find out!

Musical Instruments

Dive into the unique sounds of instruments like the Australian didgeridoo, jaw harp, sitar, and bell across the multiverse.


Discover the essentials of rituals, traditions, etiquette, and human communication. Learn to tie a tie, explore fashion philosophy, master table settings, and understand the art of seppuku.

What makes the book special

Intriguing handmade illustrations blend engineering and medieval art, depicting multiverse devices and materials. This book reveals how new ideas emerge from the world, independent of specific inventors, across different multiverses. The Book is our tribute to the human imagination, to the ability to think outside the canvas of ordinary reality, it is made for dreamers by dreamers. Seva and Timur, the Founders of The Book

Creation process

The Book is made to satisfy your curiosity, widen the horizons of your mind, act as a source on inspiration and teleport you from world to world.

Exploring Humanity's Creations: Unique Handmade Illustrations Inside

first draft - final drawing

There is no other book like this. Currently, information about inventions is scattered here and there in boring textbooks and manuals that are neither understandable nor inspiring. The Book presents the most meaningful facts about our culture combined with out-of-this-world ideas and fabulous illustrations. It is the first treatise of its kind on these spectacular magical inventions.

Vivid Handmade Illustrations

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