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Creators of the project

Vsevolod Batischev


Having a passion for clockwork mechanisms and kinetic toys, Vsevolod constructed escape rooms. In 2020, after losing his business during the pandemic, he remembered another childhood hobby: daydreaming about how he would rebuild civilization if the current one were to collapse. Frustrated by the fact that he would be rather useless compared with engineers, scientists and builders, he came up with the idea of writing a book on how to revive civilization.

Timur Kadyrov


Timur travels a lot around the world and has been to Burning Man many times, created art for the festival, and now actively participates in the development of the Burner community. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, and his projects are a way for him to interact with the world and with himself. He’s convinced that people can and should be able to make a living through self-expression, art and creation.

Researchers and Experts

Lewis Dartnell

Scientific and Technical Expert

Another powerful scientific mind supporting The Book stories. Researcher at the University of Westminster, London, and an award-winning science writer.

Vadim Kulikov

Chief Researcher

Vadim is the maestro of schematics, cross-section, charts and finding simple words for complex concepts. He and our team of 13 researchers form the scientific foundation of The Book. Probably the best example of a competent adult living with the mind of a curious child.

Boris Ryabov


Steam healer and educator, VC and entrepreneur, father of 4 children. Boris's passion is finding novel approaches to bridge tradition and contemporary by means of social art.

Margarita Fedorova

Human and Social Expert

Journalist, screenwriter, author of multimedia special projects, expert on topics of social aspects and self-development.

Sergey Adonin

Scientific expert

Scientific expert, leading researcher at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry.

Aleksey Payevskiy

Medical and Chemical expert

Medical and chemical expert, science journalist, lecturer, popularizer of science, board member of the Russian Chemical Society of Mendeleev.

Bogdan Kravtsov

Secret adviser

Bogdan is an artist and a thinker of the 20th–21st centuries. He runs an art project, produces music and helps businesses to make decisions. And also he loves to invent games, puzzles and quests.


Lev Kaplan

Main Illustrator

Lev is master of beautiful illustrations and head of The Book’s team of illustrators and designers. He studied architecture, but worked in advertising for 25 years while always continuing to evolve as an artist, both in the fields of children’s book illustration and commercial illustration as well as motion graphics and graphic design. Today he works as an artist and illustrator. He also teaches illustration and watercolor painting at the Kunstfabrik Art School in Vienna.

Oksana Alexeevskaya


Art and books are Oksana’s eternal love. She is always happy to be involved in all kinds of stories, from creating small illustrations for product design and postcards with city views, to sketching portraits, to creating family trees of more than a thousand people going back more than ten generations.

Tatyana Konokhova


Tatyana is an artist, illustrator, graphic artist, painter, composer and pianist. Most of all, she likes to work with such materials as oil paints, ink and watercolor. Her works have been featured in personal and private exhibitions. Among her illustrations are illustrations for Tarot cards, books, audio books, as well as album and single covers and booklets. The main themes of her projects touch upon philosophical aspects, psychological experiments, astral travel, mysticism and esotericism, sexuality and the transmutation of the essence of beauty

Irina Vinnik


Irina originally wanted to be a botanist, but instead graduated from an architectural University. As soon as digital drawing technology came on the market, she has been fascinated with the possibilities it represents. Her motto is “Beauty is in every detail.”

Irina’s style can be described as botanical eclecticism.  She is fascinated by the techniques of the old masters and finds her inspiration in heraldic shields and alchemical treatises, combinations of shapes, unexpected textures and hidden meanings of ornaments. Her favorite materials are paper, ink and watercolor.

Marina Rudko


Marina has two children and a chinchilla. Her creative career began with major Russian publishing houses and now she receives orders from countries from all over the world. She illustrates books, develops textile designs and designs games. She is also a vector graphics teacher at one of the leading CG schools in the CIS, Fungi Studio, which trains specialists for the IT industry.

Gleb Konsulov


Gleb is an architect, a graphic artist, a book illustrator, a concept artist and a designer. He’s also a member of the National Union of Architects.

Olga Khodchenko


Since childhood, Olga has been surrounded by creativity, charming pictures of grandparents in various museums of her hometown of Kiev, sculptures of her great-grandfather, the smell of oil and turpentine. She graduated from two art schools and has a complete art education.

Marina Kupkina


Marina is a graphic artist, scientist and art teacher. She works with illustrations for private collector’s editions, participates in exhibitions, competitions, congresses of printing graphics in Ukraine and Europe and possesses many international awards in the professional field.

Yaroslava Bogorodskaya


Yaroslava is an illustrator with the education of an energetic designer. Over the years of practice, she developed her own style and illustrated 2 books. As a member of the Alien Ugo community, she draws posters for events, collaborates with musicians and creates album and single covers. Decorations based on her designs adorn the Mangup Tales Festival.

Sergey Vorobyev


Sergey is a foundry engineer and independent artist. Moreover, he is a packaging designer, a shoe designer, a creator of socially oriented cartoons for children, a game designer, a jewelry artist, an architect and actor, a historical reenactor, an illustrator of children's books and an animator.

Victor Zaburdayev

Layout Designer

Victor is an art director of our board games publishing company Cosmodrome Games who designs all the spreadsheets of our book. He says he’s always trying to find balance between his love of triathlons and sleep.

Editors and Copywriters

Maria Mernova

Editor-in-Chief (Russian texts)

Maria is a journalist and executive editor of the oldest Russian popular science, geographic and cross-cultural magazine Vokrug Sveta. Once she decided that she needed at least one serious dream, so she thought that she would travel around the world. But instead, she ended up starting work at the magazine Around the World (Rus: Vokrug Sveta). Since then, she has learned to express her thoughts more clearly. She also leads a team of 12 professional copywriters who have expertise in a wide range of fields and topics.

Sergey Apresov


The voice behind The Book narration. Journalist, writer, science communicator, TV host.

Dmitriy Mamontov

Science Editor

Scientific expert and editor of the Polytechnic Museum.

Taylor Margvelashvili

Editor (English texts)

Taylor is a translator, journalist and xenolinguist. She specializes in speculative sci-fi, LitRPG and constructed languages and wants to be the official interpreter to the aliens when we make first contact.

Eddie Cruz

Editor (English texts)

Eddie has worked in the publishing industry for 25 years, wearing hats in everything from typesetting to quality control to developmental editing. He was desperate to join The Book crew at first contact. Now he wants to live in an alternate universe.

Aleksandra Markevich


Sasha likes to meticulously look for small details and to find out unexpected insights for texts, constantly travels and doesn’t really like her profession as an international economist.

Dina Apparatova

Сopywriter, editor and researcher

Dina found her passion in texts. By using her creativity, ability to write simply about the most difficult things and skills to combine undeniable logic and humor she helps people to write books of all kinds.

Elena Suvorova


Elena is a traveling copywriter, story-teller, story-finder and story-maker.

Administrative group

Oksana Gesina

Project Manager

Oxana is the voice of reason within the Book team. Worked on complex projects in retail, oil and gas, diamond mining, banking. Led IT strategic projects for integrated teams in the largest Russian telecom company.

Anna Borodina

Project Manager

Anna is responsible for the production process of the book. She coordinates between the illustrations and texts, organizes meetings, communicates with the logistic and printing partners and plays the role of main customer support specialist.


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