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Terms and Conditions of the Challenge

By participating in The Book Challenge, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Payment Method for First-Place Cash Prize: I agree that the prize for first place will be paid to me via bank transfer to my account or to the account of my representative.

2. Participation and Disclaimer Regarding Gambling: I understand and agree that participation in The Book Challenge is free and is not a form of gambling.

3. Usage of My Video: I grant permission for the competition organizers to use the video uploaded by me for promotional purposes.

4. Winner Selection Process: I understand that the main winner of The Book Challenge will be selected by a jury composed of representatives from Hungry Minds.

5. Prize Placement Algorithm: I acknowledge that prizes, including merchandise prizes, will be randomly selected through a special algorithm from all participants of The Book Challenge.

6. Exclusion of Participants: I agree that the competition organizers reserve the right to exclude a participant from The Book Challenge if there are suspicions of malicious or dishonest actions by the participant.


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