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The Anthem to Humankind

The Ultimate Collection of Cultural Artifacts

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Books Delivered Worldwide

Vivid Handmade Illustrations

Key Human Cultural Artifacts in One Book

Learn What Makes Humanity Special

The 200-page edition will gather all the important cultural artifacts that make us who we are.


Over millions of years, countless genetic changes and mutations have given rise to the astonishing variety of living organisms, including humans.

Habitat Expansion

Throughout history, people have been driven to expand their living spaces, venturing into unexplored lands and oceans. But what motivates us to persistently look further, beyond familiar horizons?


The influence of films extended far beyond simple entertainment, shaping our dreams, fears, hopes, and desires. Films offered a diverse range of emotions, from laughter to tears, delight to fear.

Myth and legends

We delves into the invaluable legacy of myths and legends that have accompanied humanity for centuries. These stories not only entertained but also conveyed lessons, moral principles, and historical events, becoming an integral part of human culture.


Virtual gaming realms have not only been spaces for amusement but also platforms where people connect, form friendships, and even discover life partners. Online games have enabled players from all corners of the globe to come together, collaborate on quests, and essentially build a virtual life within the game.


Embark on a magical odyssey through time and culture, where the harmonies of Bach and Handel fill hearts with Baroque majesty.


Entertainment takes many forms, from exhilarating roller coasters to daring skydiving and base jumping. These diverse experiences provided a unique opportunity for individuals to feel fully alive and immersed in the present moment.

What makes the book special

This is the story of Noah Kaplan, the last surviving earthling, who miraculously escaped the explosion of our planet. We find him flying in an alien ship into the unknown. To keep himself sane and handle loneliness and sadness he decides to write the entire world and all the human highlights he can remember into a hybrid of diary and encyclopedia.

Creation process

The Anthem to Humankind is made to satisfy your curiosity, widen the horizons of your mind and act as a source on inspiration.

Sometimes, people didn't invent things just to stay alive. Sometimes, life wasn't all about worrying where to find food or a place to sleep. Back then, our minds were free to think about bigger things. Instead of looking down, we looked up at the stars.

We made up stories and myths, creating characters that later became part of movies and video games. We enjoyed simple things like sunsets and dancing in the rain. We climbed mountains, ran fast, and tried different activities that made us who we are.

Imagine if there are intelligent beings in the Universe. Wouldn't you want to know what makes humanity special? What did people on Earth think about, dream about, and believe in? To reflect these questions, we decided to make a new book "The Anthem to Humankind." This book will gather all the important cultural artifacts that make us who we are.

Vsevolod and Timur, the Creators of The Anthem to Humankind

Exploring Humanity's Creations: Unique Handmade Illustrations Inside

first draft - final drawing

This book is a rare opportunity to experience nostalgia not for the past, but for the present moment. To think about what we truly value, what we can be proud of on a cosmic scale, and what we should be grateful for before it’s gone.

Don't leave Noah Kaplan alone in the cosmos

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